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Best Luxury hotels in Japan - «Hoshinoya Karuizawa» hotel (Karuizawa, Nagano)
Best Luxury hotels in Japan - «Hoshinoya Karuizawa» hotel (Karuizawa, Nagano)

Those who want to experience the full taste of the traditions and luxury of Japan, it is important to choose the right place to spend vacations. Flight to Japan is a rather long journey, so werecommend booking seats in the first class and enjoy delicious dishes and traditional Japanese delicacies immediately on board.

Japan is full of various premium-class offers for the travelers who want to spend a luxurious vacation. For example, the island of Okinawa – it is easy to reach it from the port by ferry or by Japanese Airlines. This is the place where the travelers will be able to appreciate the inimitable combination of the big city, nature and local traditions. And in order to enjoy a luxurious and amazing vacation, we will offer you three luxury locations, which you should definitely explore!

Best Luxury hotels in Japan – «Hoshinoya Karuizawa» hotel (Karuizawa, Nagano)

Located just an hour away from Tokyo by high-speed train, Hoshinoya Karuizawa Hotel is a luxurious place that immerses guests in nature, tradition and invites to visit natural thermal springs. The mission of the hotel is to help guests discover the wonderful world of traditional Japan while enjoying luxurious modern amenities. Thermal springs are the property of the hotel, their beneficial health properties have been known since ancient times. All rooms are designed in the concept of a villa, each of the room offers stunning views of the springs, rivers, forests, mountains and traditional Japanese gardens. The guests are invited to visit the reserve of rare birds, watch the waterfalls, go on an evening hike, and take a horse ride to see how monkeys bathe in the hot springs at Jigokudani in the Wild Monkey Park.

If you want to explore Japanese traditions, you can join master classes aimed at creation of Japanese crafts, try to perform ancient breathing exercises to improve health in a Japanese tea house or make a trip to Nagano`s Zenkoji Temple. The hotel`s guests are introduced to the authentic experience, the traditional methods of preparing local products and seasonal dishes, such as tofu cheese in burdock leaves, seasoned with local wasabi, grated green radish and garlands of chrysanthemum decorated with salmon caviar.
The indescribable taste of a pork dish wrapped in lotus root and seasoned with chili sauce. Right here the traditions merge with luxury: join the hotel spa to be pampered by the local body-care culture. The June Facial Treatment includes neck and head massage and is used to
nourish the skin, while the Meditation Bath treatment will allow enjoying the deepest effect of the hot springs in the dark bath of Yami or illuminated Hikari bath.


Best Luxury hotels in Japan – “Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo” (Tokyo)

Shangri-La brand is renowned worldwide for its top-class service and Tokyo hotel is not an exception. As soon as you enter the front door, you will certainly be charmed with the chic chandelier and classic art masterpieces. Above the reception desk there is one of 2000 paintings decorating the whole hotel. The hotel is proud to provide a wide choice of rooms of different classes – from rooms with city views to the presidential suite with plush furniture and a chic bathroom, hammam and gym – a timeless blend of luxurious comfort.
There are two amazing restaurants – Italian Piacere and Japanese Nadaman, famous for its delicious sushi and a seasonal menu. Guests are invited to relax in the fitness center, which features a jacuzzi, a steam shower and an indoor heated pool.

It is especially recommended to visit the “CHI” – Shangri-La Spa, famous for its original Japanese treatments. We advise to try the “Kisetsu” procedure – an ancient ritual
based on spiritual practices and considering turn of the seasons. Right here the traditions merge with luxury: in the hotel lobby the guests can appreciate the world famous Tokyo cocktails. Try the sweet Kyoakane, a mixture of Hibiki 17Y whiskey, plum liquor, cranberry juice, honey and fresh lemon juice, or choose one of the many martini-based cocktails, such as Martini Tea with vodka, tea liquor, Chambord, tea with ice, freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar syrup.


Best Luxury hotels in Japan – «Hoshinoya Okinawa» hotel (Yomitan, Okinawa)

Located on Taketomi Island, Hoshinoya Okinawa Hotel is the perfect gift for those who want to experience true luxury in a traditional atmosphere. The island itself is known for its rich culture and unique traditions. Hoshinoya Okinawa is the single luxury hotel on the island and it charmingly keeps the traditional spirit of Japan. Here the guests can enjoy world-class amenities – a huge heated pool, spa, view points and innovative cuisine courses. The design concept of the hotel makes it look like a local village with Ryokan-style coral-wall villas. Tatami floors, plush beds, sliding doors present the guests with a wonderful feeling of space comfort. A bathroom, a bath house with herbs and floor-to-ceiling windows will give a feeling of complete tranquility and privacy.
In the restaurant the guests can try the first dish of life Ryukyu Nouvelle, appreciate the cooking style created by mixing French dishes with local ingredients, many of which are grown in private garden. Here the guests can appreciate the dishes of local pork Ishigaki Miya with foie gras, fresh fish with eggplant tartar and a drop of squeezed fresh ginger root, fried beef seasoned with bearnaise sauce.

For all treatments the staff uses only natural, local ingredients brought from the islands, such as hibiscus, seaweed, sea salt and sea mud. We recommend the “Flower Invitation” – an oil-based procedure using thermal water and hibiscus to nourish and nourish the skin. In your room you are guaranteed a good healthy sleep- after all, you will be guarded by a lion statue mounted on the roof of the hotel and ward off bad weather and bad luck.
Here, traditions get in touch with luxury: in order to relax and feel like a local, take part in group exercises, such as “Deep Breath” or “Breath of Heaven,” held by the pool under the stars at night, or “Deep Breath” on the beach.


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