The best Santorini 4 and 5 star luxury hotels with panoramic view! The hotels of Cyclades!

The best Santorini 5 star hotels - «Santorini Princess SPA Hotel»
The best Santorini 5 star hotels - «Santorini Princess SPA Hotel»

Cycladic Islands whose famous sandy beaches are embraced by the sky-blue, crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, and where dazzling white buildings rise on the dark rocks of volcanic origin, are one of the most famous islands in the world. Thanks to their amazing beauty, as well as the sea panorama that can be viewed from any corner of the archipelago, a legend was born telling about their divine origin.

According to Greek mythology, several sea nymphs infuriated the sea god Poseidon, and as revenge they were turned into tiny islands. Perhaps the myth initially was different and over time its meaning has changed, but the islands still remain as delightful and alluring as they were thousands of years ago. Any traveler who wants to stay in one of the best hotels on the Cyclades has the opportunity to explore the legend. Tourists can choose a divinely beautiful boutique hotel, nestled on a volcanic rock, fashionable apartments spread out on a beach washed by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, or a hotel built in traditional Greek style.

The best Santorini 5 star hotels – «Santorini Princess SPA Hotel»

The first-class hotel “Santorini Princess SPA Hotel”, located in Imerovigli, the most beautiful village of Santorini, famous for its unique sunsets, was built along the caldera, it is as if permeated with sunlight. Its 19 impeccable apartment-style suites are spacious and comfortable, most of them have private terraces with magnificent views. The hotel has an outdoor pool, bar,
lounge area, cafe, restaurant and spa center, so guests do not even have to leave the territory.

Disabled guests need to find another hotel, because Santorini Princess does not have an elevator and there are many stairs! Those who prefer to spend time in nightclubs will be a bit disappointed by their absence. This hotel will appeal to those guests who prefer vacations in calm, relaxing environment on their own terrace.


The best Santorini 5 star hotels – «Astra Suites»

Travelers who want to avoid the fuss of crowds of locals and tourists arriving in Santorini will like the Astra Suites 27-room hotel, located on a lone cliff. The hotel offers an impressive panorama of the granite cliffs of the caldera and amazing view of the Aegean Sea under a bright blue sky. Each room is equipped with a large private terrace and a comfortable soft bed.
The area surrounding the hotel is arranged in contemporary style.

The combination of traditional architecture and colorful modern interiors embraces the hotel with an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Please note that due to the large number of staircases, Astra Suites is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.


The best Santorini 4 star hotels – «Aenaon Villas»

This small cozy hotel on Santorini consists of five luxurious villas with a magnificent interior. Each villa has a fireplace and a private veranda, giving guests the opportunity to relax in peace, excluding annoying attention of neighbors. Aenaon Villas hotel is located on the least populated north side of the caldera – the remains of a volcano. This is a resting place for wealthy couples seeking privacy or families with children over 12 years old.

At the disposal of guests there is always friendly staff and a personal butler. The hotel buildings blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Tall stone walls surround a traditional white facade with arches and rectangular windows. Window and door frames painted in clay or earth color accentuate the masonry of the walls!